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Find out What You Need to Know About Smart Water and How to Fund Water Projects

MasterMeter_AD_Ebook_DeviceImage_Medium.pngThe demand to conserve and more efficiently, and cost-effectively, deliver, manage and measure water has become an increasingly hot topic for cities, municipalities and community management organizations throughout the US and across the globe. Many current systems have been in place for decades and are failing to conserve water and optimize water management for millions of people. Operating costs are continuing to rise, along with demand, and the only solution is to implement today's latest water conservation technologies and smart water initiatives.

But, how can cities and municipalities update current systems with minimal budgets?

The answer is to identify operational needs that are guaranteed to achieve a return on investment and find funding sources from government programs and private partnerships.

Our free eBook, What You Need to Know About Smart Water and How to Fund Water Projects, takes an in-depth look at the current climate of water management infrastructures and walks you through new and innovative ways to fund system updates to keep utilities operating to today's and tomorrow's highest standards. Download our eBook to learn:

  • Forecasting for demand and the impact on current water management systems
  • What funding sources have been used for water management systems in the past
  • How historical sources of funding are limiting today's organizations
  • What federal government funding sources are proposed under the FY18 budget
  • What are public-private partnerships and when they are a good option
  • How the WIFIA program, introduced in 2014, works
  • The impact of smart water system updates and ROI